Before travelling see your doctor for a general check-up and to get vaccinations. Vaccinations should be done to ensure that everything is up to date (tetanus, polio, diphtheria, etc.). Malaria prophylaxis and a yellow fever vaccination should be done if trips to the Amazon region are planned. Best to speak with your physician, well in advance of your trip to Brazil to discuss the necessary vaccinations.

The private health system in big cities here in Brazil is equivalent to European standards. Usually normal check-ups or an x-ray are very cheap, but as soon as modern technologies are applied, it can become very expensive. It is recommended to get travel insurance to cover these potential costs.

Sun protection

The danger of getting sunburns is great, particularly for light-skinned persons. The consistent wind can be very deceptive, as the temperatures are not felt as unpleasant. Sunscreen with high protection factor is a must, particularly during the daytime, afternoon in particular, when the sun is at its highest. Also long sleeve gear, shirts, etc are a good choice to protect you from the sun. (Remember to keep the colors light, so as to reflect, not absorb the heat) The locals like to use Hipoglos, a white zinc lotion, to avoid sunburns to the face, it is inexpensive and available everywhere.

Mosquito repellent

To ensure to not getting covered in mosquito bites, bare skin should be covered at dawn and at night. Windows should be closed at night.

Guidelines of the WHO

If you do not want to spend your holiday in bed, but on the board, you should stick to this rule: boil, roast, peel or avoid.

  • No tap water, only clear ice and genuine ice cream
  • Do not consume raw meat, fish or shellfish
  • Prepare food fresh and carefully
  • Only drink pasteurised milk
  • Avoid uncooked food
  • Do not eat fruit or vegetable that cannot be peeled

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