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Here we have some basic information and frequently asked questions question about kitesurfing, for beginners!

Generally, it can be said that if one sticks to the basic rules (see section Basic Rules of Kitesurfing), one need not worry about any danger. Accidents are usually the result of careless behavior or over-confidence. The kinds of accidents that typically occurred in the heyday of kitesurfing were due to subpar materials and design. Nowadays mechanical issues or failure have been eliminated due to far superior materials and better design.




Is it useful for beginners to attend a course or take a lesson?

Absolutely! During a beginner’s lesson you will learn all of the basic rules of kitesurfing, along with the important handling of the equipment and kitesurfing etiquette. The simple rule of thumb, if you have never tried kitesurfing, you should definitely take a lesson! Never attempt to kitesurf without guidance.

How long does it take to be able to stand on a board?

Typically, a 10-hour course is enough to be able to stand on the board and to continue practicing independently.

What physical requirements need to be met in order to kitesurf?

It is not necessary to be very strong. At the beginning this can actually be a disadvantage as many try to use their power to get up on the board. Usually these attempts end with falling in the water. To control the kite two fingers are just enough; therefore tact is more important than muscles. Think about flying a kite, the wind does all the work!


Are the conditions in Cumbuco suitable for beginners?

Yes, definitely! This is what makes Cumbuco perfect for the beginner: the climatic conditions and geography make Cumbuco ideal and offer something to suit everyone’s needs, from beginner to passionate expert. The Cauipe lagoon is shallow and therefore very suitable for first kiting attempts. And on the sea there is by all means enough space to practice without getting in each other’s way.

Are the conditions in Cumbuco ideal for kitesurfing all year round?

The conditions in Cumbuco, for kitesurfing, are basically good all year round. However, the most consistent and ideal conditions can be found between June and February with consistent winds and average air temps (30°C) and water temperatures (28°C), all of which add up to the most pleasant conditions for kitesurfing.

How much does the kitesurfing equipment cost?

A complete set of gear (kite, board, vest and helmet) can be purchased for less than 1,500 euros. If you do not wish to buy everything brand new, you can purchase used equipment for a lot cheaper. Compared to other water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing is a lot more affordable.

Any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us prior to your visit

Basic Rules of Kitesurfing

Important factors in avoiding accidents and injury are mutual respect and the awareness of possible risks. Here a few basic rules that should be followed in one’s own best interest as well as others where safety is concerned:

  • The golden rule for beginners: learn kitesurfing under the guidance of an expert!
  • Only get on the board if you are mentally and physically fit.
  • Be aware and attuned to your environment, assessing possible emergency situations beforehand.
  • Do a thorough check of your gear carefully for possible damages and proper installation every time you go out to kitesurf.
  • Secure your gear when at the beach to avoid parts flying away accidentally. Don’t leave leashes lying on the beach.
  • Always wear safety equipment that is appropriate for the conditions.
  • Always use a safety leash and working quick release systems for all attachments. A board leash can be dangerous, therefore wear a helmet when you use it. Or even better: learn to kitesurf without board leash.
  • Stay up to date with wind and weather reports and conditions. Being surprised by a thunderstorm can be life-threatening. Only get on the board when you can master the wind force. If it feels too strong for you it probably is and this is a good time to make a sound decision. Try to avoid offshore and onshore winds.
  • Be aware of your environment and make sure you have enough free space available. Especially in leeward winds and being cognizant of where your board leash is. There shouldn’t be any nearby obstacles (houses, boats, hard objects) that could pose a danger to you.
  • When you get to an unknown spot, ask a local for rules, peculiarities of locations, safety tips, etc.
  • Be considerate! Be respectful and aware of nature, yourself, your surroundings and other kitesurfers or water sportsmen!
  • Be aware of the consequences of lacking water sports liability can have.


Kitesurfing Spots

The federal state of Ceará’s coast between the beach of Bitupitá in the east and Icapuí in the west offer many excellent and diverse spots for kitesurfing. In some cases, however, these are very far from Cumbuco and therefore travel and an overnight stay is necessary.

The coast west of Fortaleza is called “Costa Sol Poente” or Sunset Coast. The landscape is characterized by high dunes. Typically the wind here is stronger than on Ceará’s east coast. Cumbuco belongs to this coastal stretch and offers extremely varied conditions for kitesurfing. If you have a rental car, you should definitely do one or more day trips to some of the following locations:

Cauipe Lagoon
Just a stone’s throw away, Cauipe lagoon is 4km from Cumbuco’s center. The lake is entirely shallow and about 1km long and 300 meters wide. Perfect for beginners!

Taiba Lagoon
This small picturesque lake is isolated and surrounded by dunes with a small hut on the beach. Here one needs to be aware of rocks along the shoreline!

Pecem is the perfect wave spot for both beginner and advanced kitesurfers, but it’s not easy to find. In the afternoon kitesurfers and surfers alike share this spot. We highly recommend sticking around for the sunset.

Paracuru is an absolute must see and do! At lowtideit offers a large area of shallow water where waves break up on the sea. This makes for a very diverse and exciting kitesurfing. At hightidethe waves reach the shore and therefore the shallow water becomes a lot more adventurous. In Paracuru you can find a restaurant, storage for your equipment and bathroom facilities.

Mundau offers a different kind of backdrop for kitesurfers: this estuary lined with palm trees is a delight for every kitesurfer. It’s another great spot worth a day trip!

Lagoinha and Flecheiras
For explorers and adventurers alike a detour to Lagoinha and Flecheiras is worthwhile.


Downwind kite safari

What is a downwind kite safari

Downwind Kite Safaris are multi-day adventures designed with downwinders in mind along the tropical and deserted sandy beaches. To get the most out of these tours, great stress is put on excellent service and the importance of safety. A vehicle on the beach and a kitesurfing guide in the water, the adventurer, that’s you. There is always someone available, so you can feel free and enjoy the adventures and know that you are in good hands.

Practice Makes Perfect
As with everything in life, practice makes perfect and every day you do a downwinder or go out kitesurfing you will come to enjoy the sport more, and you want to know the best wave spots in Ceará as well as deserted lagoons and estuaries in Piauí and Maranhão.

The Tours
Tours last between 5 and 14 days and you can choose between different routes from Cumbuco to Atins. For example, the tour to Jericoacoara takes 5 days and includes more than 120km of pure downwind and beautiful wave spots. Further up the coast, the whole federal state of Piauí is traversed. Along the entire journey from Cumbuco toAtinsA total of 3 states of Brazil’s northeast coast will be covered and 278km downwind will be covered. More information can be found at:

Downwind Kite Safaris

Kitesurfing level

A note to the beginners: the tours / safaris are not suitable for beginners. You should be able to reload your kite quickly in order to keep up with the tour guide. The downwinder tours / safaris take about 3 to 4 hours including breaks and require a large amount of endurance. Reliable gear and adequate physical fitness are therefore paramount. The basic prerequisite for downwind kitesurfing is riding switch (toe side).

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