House rule


We are very pleased to welcome you to our facility as a guest.

We would like to share some important information and advice for your during your stay with us.
Please be especially careful with the sun, especially in your first few days, it can be very intense and very dangerous.  If you are fair skinned, we highly recommend you apply sunscreen before heading out into the sun, out to the beach to swim, or when kitesurfing.  If you are relaxing and wish to not wear sunscreen we highly recommend you wear long sleeve tops, light in color, so you don’t expose yourself directly to harmful sun rays. 

Please note during your beach visits, that the sea and lagoons can be very different in depth and dangerous currents can occur.  If you are not an excellent swimmer, don’t wander into water you are unfamiliar with, the undertow (undercurrents) can be very dangerous!

The houses are completely furnished with all accessories, as well as towels and bed linens.  If there is something you need please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!
Complaints must be reported immediately to the administrator.

Damages to your apartment/rooms will be charged to you.  All damages incurred by you during the rental period are to be paid by you.  If you break something, damage something, please bring it to our attention!

Arrival and Departure

On the day of your arrival, from 2 pm, you will find a clean and well-ordered apartment in which you should feel at ease and at home.  IF there is anything not to your liking please contact the administrator.
On the day of your departure, check out is by 11am, in order to clean and prepare the apartment for the next guest.
You may leave (or store) your luggage in the reception area, where you can also use the restrooms, the shower and to get dressed.  Please arrange a time with the administrator!
Please clean the dishes in your apartment and leave all trash, sealed, and in the designated trash receptacles.  
Please understand that we have to charge additional for cleaning time.


We separate and recycle material and residual waste.  Near the exit to the complex there are 2 large garbage cans designated for trash, recycle, etc…please help us recycle and do it properly!  In each apartment you will find a brown bin for waste, such as food leftovers, cigarette butts, dirty packaging material, etc., please note the stickers on the garbage cans.  The green MulLimer is intended for all recycled materials, such as whole and clean glass bottles, plastic bottles, paper, tin cans, etc.


We have our own wastewater treatment plant. With the treated water we are able to water our gardens optimally.
Nothing should be thrown down the toilets! Please do NOT flush: toilet paper, wet wipes, kitchen waste, bandages, tampons, cotton swabs, etc.


We assume no liability for valuables that are left in the house or safe.


Internet is available throughout the condominium without any restrictions.


In your apartment is an internet-enabled TV. A detailed instruction manual and a list of the programs which can be found in the appendix.

Door Phone

In your apartment, there is an intercom system with a monitor that allows you to open the main entrance door. A detailed operating manual can be found in the appendix.


It is forbidden to smoke in the apartments. Smoking on the terraces is permitted. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground, in the planters, plant pots or in the garden.


We have 24 hours electricity (220V), but limited in capacity, since the electricity is stored in batteries. For this reason, we ask you to turn off all unnecessary power sources (even on the terrace) and, above all, always unplug chargers as soon as the devices are charged. The air conditioning requires the use of a lot of electricity, so we ask you to turn them on only when you are in the apartment.  When you leave, please turn the AC off!


For the main entrance, you need a key.
Please keep the doors closed at all times.
Guests are permitted, but for security reasons, please do not allow strangers to enter the property with visitors, please notify the Administrator to let them know who is in the facility at all times.
Visitor vehicles must park outside the facility.
When leaving the apartment, close all windows and doors, even if you are going to the beach for the day.

Outdoor Shower

Please shower (to remove sand) on your way back from the beach at the outdoor tap in the entrance area.  By no means use the shower in the house to remove sand, it will cause damage and clog the drainpipe.

Swimming Pool and Communal Area

The swimming pool can be used daily between 8:00 and 20:00. Please shower before using the pool. Please do not leave your children unattended in or around the pool.  We assume no liability.
The communal kitchen can be used at any time, but we ask you to reserve a time with the manager.

Kiter Surfer Cyclist

Kite and surfing gear, as well as bicycles, may not be taken into the apartment or left on the terrace but must be stored in the respective apartment’s storage area.  Kite equipment can be cleaned in the designated garden area.

Pets are not allowed!

We appreciate your love of animals, but please do not feed any birds, cats or dogs in and around the KiteDream Condominium.


You can use our bikes for free, they are available in the storage rooms. Each bike is equipped with a combination lock and lights. There is also a child seat. Please contact the administrator.
In case of a lost or stolen bike, a fee of R $ 700.00 will be charged to you

Overnight Guests

The one-bedroom apartments are designed for 2 people. If a third person uses the apartment, it will be charged at R $ 100, – per night. Please let the administrator know upon arrival if you will have additional guests not originally registered.
One child under 12 is free of charge.


Our water comes from the ground, from our own well and is not drinking water, but it can be used for cooking. You will find drinking water in the water dispenser. bottled water can be purchased by the pool kitchen, if necessary, please talk to the manager.

Housekeeping (Linens and Towels)

For stays of less than a week, there will only be a single final cleaning.
For stays of one week or more: weekly intermediate cleanings will occur including a change of bed linens and towels.  Please understand that we have to charge additional cleaning time.

Laundry Services:

Bed linens and towels per apartment (complete set) R $ 35.00.  Laundry can be washed for a fee, price per machine = R $ 40.00.  Please pay for laundry services immediately upon receipt of your laundry.

Loss of Keys

If you lose your key, report it immediately to the administrator. 

You will be charged for a replacement:
Main Entrance: R $ 50.00
Apartment: R $ 30.00
Storeroom Padlock: R $ 20.00


For stays of one month or more a deposit of  R $ 1,000.00 is required. We wish you a wonderful holiday and a pleasant stay here at Kitedream Cumbuco!


Several pharmacies can be found in the center of Cumbuco.


A public doctor’s stadium “Posto de Suade” can be found at the community/public school of Cumbuco, near the dunes. For emergencies, you should consider one of the many private hospitals in Fortaleza. MONTE KLINIKUM Fortaleza, +55 85 4012 0012


The nearest ATM can be found in the Compre Bem (Wilson) supermarket, in the center of CUMBUCO or at the gas station at the entrance to CUMBUCO. (5 minutes by bike)


In the center of Cumbuco, you will find several supermarkets, various shops, restaurants and a fish market.  And if you’re up for a day trip to Fortaleza there are all kinds of things to do!


Please keep in mind that your return flight will be confirmed 24 hours before departure by the airline. Plan your departure so that you leave the facility at least 3 hours before departure.
At certain times, due to heavy traffic, your journey to the airport may take longer than usual.
If you need a taxi, contact the manager.

Car Rentals and Taxis

In Cumbuco, there are several rental car and taxi companies available. For availability and prices, contact the administrator.

Things To Do In Cumbuco

Buggy Tours on the beach, dunes, and lagoons.  Horseback rides on the beach.  Quad biking on the beach.  Kitesurfing Tours Downwind.  Sailboat Expeditions (Jangadas).  Capoeira courses at the market square in Cumbuco.  Take advantage of the nightlife, bars, etc, in Cumbuco.  Visit the night market in Fortaleza.  Check out the nightlife in Fortaleza.  Leisure and Waterpark, Beachpark, Theme park – Ypioca Park.

For these and other things to do, contact the administrator!
Iracema +55 98208 0802
Stephanie: +55 98208 2031
Diana +55 98761 1833